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Dreams can be considered nightly mail, sent to awaken our awareness. Jeremy Taylor believed dreams were the way to healing magic, and would deliver us from racism, sexism and other forms of exploitation.  By becoming in touch with our dreams, we connect with our oneness with universal life. Dreams come to promote wholeness in the individual. 


Dreams have long been associated with creative inspiration in the arts, and scientific advances.


Some say they never dream or can't remember their dreams.  Of course science now dispels that notion through rapid eye motion (REM) during sleep which are associated with dreaming.  It has been verified by researchers, that everyone dreams, whether they remember them or not.  I have a simple method to help with recalling dreams, even if it is just a fragment of the dream. Just deciding that you are interested in your dreams will help you to recall them. 


Even the tiniest of a fragment of a dream has multiple meanings. Others believe that their dreams  aren't important or don't have,  a meaning, but are often surprised to find with our discussion to find the deeper meaning of the dream, and to recognize the unique message for them. As we continue to record and work with our dreams, our insights, creative ideas and more awareness of our emotions develop. 


Some people only report having nightmares. This may be a call from you unconscious for a need to integrate unresolved issues. What if I dream of death?  Our dreams speak to us in symbols and dreams of death are always associated with growth and transformation. 


Lucid dreaming occurs when the person is aware that they are dreaming. In the East, lucid dreaming has been cultivated for religious reasons.  For us, lucid dreaming asks us to develop an open attitude to new ideas, feelings, emotions and experiences. 


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