"Open your imagination, suspend past disappointments and take a provocative journey into creative capacities you never knew you had.  We have been using a small portion of our magnificent gifts and forget all too often, that we were born to accomplish miracles."  Jean Houston, Ph.D.


"Inner peace begins the moment to choose to not allow another person or events to control your emotions."  Pema Chodron


"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."  Carl Jung


Therapy is a way to live the truth of who you are.  It helps you shed learned beliefs and develop new adaptive, and authentic behaviors more aligned with your true self.  Transformation occurs as you become more aware of your conscious and unconscious.  One way to expand your understanding is through exploring your dreams. Are you curious about the meaning of your dreams?  Dreams allows you to listen to your unconscious and aide in your personal growth. We know that sleep moves in cycles and that we dream in deep sleep or REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The subjects of dreams are broad ranging and complex and is a bridge to your unconscious.  My goal is to assist in your journey to develop a deeper connection to the soul. As you become more conscious of the connection to your Self, your capacity to make choices and take intentional action leads to growth. 

As a Jungian informed therapist , I assist in helping you recognize the potential  in yourself so you can work towards personal growth. While the demands of life must be met, a healthy individual benefits from connection with their unconscious. 


If you would like more information about counseling to help you live the life you desire, call today to schedule an appointment.  210 8574508 You may also email me at rachelnicholslpc@mycareercounseling.net









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