Hypnotherapy is a state of mind of relaxation in which your subconscious mind is much more suggestible to  making changes you desire.   In hypnosis you reach the alpha brain wave state, and you choose the changes you want to make and you will only accept suggestions that are in tune with your own values and ethics. All hypnosis is self hypnosis because you allow herself to actively engage in the process. Experiencing the hypnotic state is a skill that can be learned and cultivated.  


Some believe that they can't be hypnotized but hypnosis is only relaxation and alpha brain wave state.  You are always in charge and come out of hypnosis at any time.  


Most therapeutic work is enhanced while clients are in a hypnotic state because they are able to access information, healing, creativity, memories and insights that are not normally available in the waking conscious state.   Clients report that they are able to make lasting positive changes easily and develop a new sense of self and a new way of relating to the challenges of their lives. Hypnosis allows you to reach your full potential and can help you break negative habits that are affecting your health and  happiness. happiness.  


 Hypnotherapy can help with:


   Habit control: Smoking cessation, weight loss exercise motivation, nail biting

   Pain Management: Body and Cancer related pain,Pre and Post Surgery preparation, Tnnitius 


   Stress Reduction: Relaxation, Self,Confidence, Study skills

   Physiological Reaction: Allergies, Migraines, Insomnia

   Anxiety and Panic:  Test anxiety ,Public speaking, Fear of flying, Fears, Interview anxiety ,Dental  work, Stuttering

   Sport Performance

   Making healthy lifestyle choices

   Achieving your goals

   Spiritual Growth 


    Parenting skills


   Children issues: Bed wetting,  sleep disturbance, focusing issues



   Anger Management 




Often patients make significant changes in their lives through the Medical Hypnoanalysis,  a short term therapy which combines therapy and hypnosis. Medical Hypnoanalysis is a dynamic treatment approach that emphasizes causes rather than symptoms, explanations rather than descriptions, and unconscious forces rather than conscious forces as being the ultimate origin of  the disturbance. Most clients complete their treatment goals in twenty or less session, with the majority ranging between ten and sixteen session. 

Medical Hypnoanalysis first examines the presenting symptoms of the patient by means of a case history, observing verbal and non-verbal communication, while seeking unconscious clues to the ultimate causes of the symptoms in order to make a psychodynamic diagnosis. After the patient is introduced to hypnosis the majority of the therapeutic sessions are conducted with the patient in the hypnotized state.  



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